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The company skills have been proved unbeatable In a context where numberless factors are utterly variable: depending on the characteristics of the form and  the type of concrete used, each item requires  a specific frequency / centrifugal force to compact the concrete. This means that use of a wide range of frequencies / centrifugal forces represents the ideal condition when it comes to compacting items made of concrete.
This is the principle at the basis of concrete vibration solution.


  • The advantages of our vibrator  
  • The metal form is completely filled in an optimum way.
  • The components used to make the concrete do not become segregated.
  • Smooth outer surfaces, with micro porosity reduced to the minimum.
  • Elimination of the resonance effect and noise level kept within the limits established by law.
  • The entire system is handled by a PLC with remote control and monitoring functions.
  • The process is monitored on the building site managers PC with advancement and check control functions.
  • The system is designed by the skilled and experienced technicians
  • Building site personnel can be trained and assistance is provided throughout the process.
  • The system can be supplied on a turn key basis.

How to choose the right system

The choice of high frequency vibration system is conditioned by various factors that must be carefully analised by the customer along with Deewan technicians. The evaluation parameters must consider the type and number of vibrators required to vibrate the article in question, the type of control to which the vibration action must be subjected, the level of automation required in the system and the entity of the investment as a whole.
The number of the vibrations available with the actual concrete solution system can also be integrated with each other.
It is therefore of fundamental importance to evaluate these parameters together so as to identify the best possible solution for the users needs.

Deewan Solutions
Customized solutions
Deewan proposes different types of frequency variation systems:

  • Electronically controlled system
  • Electromechanically controlled system
  • Electromechanically controlled systems on MULTIVAR mobile trolleys.

Deewan is able to provide complete “turn key” systems through to the single frequency converted with relative accessories, which can be installed in a system created by the actual user.
All the components and systems supplied conform to the dictates established by the most recent Italian and European Union standards and the laws in force.



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