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  HANDLING EQUIPMENT -- [ Telescope Screeding System ]

Suitable for flexible working-width of 75 cm to 6 m

No laying course forces you onto your knees any more – a well thought out technique saves time and energy!

  • No more gruelling work. The new technique makes it possible. From a standing position a clean and accurate laying course can be done exactly and without any problem.
  • An ingeniously shaped, very lightweight, but enormously ridgid aluminiumspecial profile produce the necessary pressure to the ground. Variable width adjustment, fully telescopic, without height changes at the joint.
  • Height adjustable roller units give the basis, that the height can be taken off consisting limits or off screeding rails. Even roof- and pan-profiles can be produced easily by a variable part. The especially high profile of the TAS-uni enables to take off and distribute enormous quantities of even very rough spreaded screeding material.

Variable, simple and time saving

Preparation of the fine laying course was always difficult. The knees and backs were exhausted. Damage done to health is just a question of time. This is now over – with the Probst Telescope Screeding System TAS-uni you have a variable tool, for the universal production of laying course of chipping, mineral-mixture or sand. Suitable in the fields of pavement, on parking lots, driveways of big surfaces.
An infinitely variably telescopic screeding profile – for easy handling of aluminium – is the main component of the system. It can be adjusted to changing operating widths without any problem. By ring-screws the segments can be changed or adjusted in seconds.


Millimeter exact paring

A special alloy ensures a high wearresistance, a well designed shape for high stiffness and enough pressure to the ground. Therefore the screeding profile does not slide on the material, but pares it exact to the milimeter. For mechanical working pulling chains are included in the standard range of delivery.

An exact and clean laying course up to the limitations (kerb stone, consting surfaces or screeding rails) is ensured by:
1. Side positioned, easy-going roller units, being height-adjustable, with metal step, as well as:
2. Sliding metal sheets and deflectors. The most common and usual shovel can also be used as pulling element.
As a special attachment a part is offered, enabling the preperation of roof profiles or pan profiles in the range of +/- 4 %.

No sagging

By the way the screeding profile is a very clever construction. For big working widths of approx. 4,500 to approx 6,000 mm (mechanical operation) it can be joined with itself.

No transport problems

For transporting the TAS-uni 450 can be pushed together to a handy length of less than 2 m, and this with a really low dead weight. Rational working all along the line by means of the innovative Screeding Rails AZL – no hooking in – no loosing. Quick handling by simply integrated plug system with 2 conical bolts (plugs cannot be lost).
Particularly handy:
A cubical inclined plane of section gives inlined joints in each direction. Impossible to hook in with the wipers! Special noncorrosive aluminium profile (60 x 60 mm), achieving highest strength and low dead weight.

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