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  HANDLING EQUIPMENT -- [ Block Loading Grabs ]

For Transporting Goods around the building site without pallets

Packs of blocks are increasingly held together by steel straps rather than shrink-wrapped or on pallets. The advantages are clear: no need to move multi-way pallets backwards and forwards, no unneccessary waste on the building site. Probst has developed the best devices for this palletless transportation. The mechanical Scissor Grab SG is ideal for the smooth transportation of large and varied packs of building blocks.

  • The SG is a universally useful scissor grab for the transportation of vertically steel strapped
    packs of paver blocks, kerb stones, slabs and wall blocks.
  • The light weight grab is built of high-tensile steel and yet has a high carrying capacity (up to
    1.800 kg). The SG can easily lift all packs with a width of between 400 and 1.200 mm.
  • The SG can be used for heights of between 200 and 950 mm. It can therefore be used to lift
    tall packs of blocks.
  • Ideal for moving packs of blocks which are not vertically bound. Even delicate goods can be moved safely. Innovative technology means that different sizes of packs of building material can be gripped savely and with ease.
  • Economically it makes little sense any more: Using pallets to transport blocks often leads to frustration and extra work. Badlyconstructed pallets break, packs of blocks break open and have to be put back together wasting valuable time. The more stable multiway pallets have to be stored - at a cost - in between times. Costs arise when they have to be returned and if individual pallets are damaged, disagreement occur over the refund.
  • Shrink-Wrapping is not the ideal alternative either. Packing regulations require that the supplier takes back the packaging material. As the packs are not always opened immediately upon delivery, containers have to be brought, so that the old wrappings are not blown from the lorry when being returned.
  • More and more concrete manufacturers are therefore moving over to binding packs of blocks together with steel straps. The packs are bound vertically and made stable with one or two horizontal straps. In this way, pallet costs disappear. The steel straps are easily disposed of, in accordance with all regulations. The contractor himself has to care about efficient transportation arround the site. This requires the correct equipment.
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