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  HANDLING EQUIPMENT -- [ Concerete Step Handles ]

The strong grab for all heavy material used by road constructors and landscaping gardeners

Concrete steps, kerb stones, L-stones and many other heavy elements up to a weight of 500 kg used for road construction or landscaping can be handled easily, quickly and securely with the TSZuni.
The TSZ-uni is a mechanical universal grab, which offers an extraordinary high efficiency at a very low dead weight of only 29 kg.

  • Automatic release for fully automatic swithch-over from “full” to “empty”. One-man-operation !
  • Wide opening range of the grippers up to 570 mm. Adjustable to all current construction elements.
  • Easy adjustment handling by means of two spring-loaded bolts.
  • Large inside height up to 185 mm. Also conical kerb stones are gripped securely.
  • High security by exchangeable lowwear rubber grippers.
  • These grant a strong gripping force and at the same time they take good care of the construction elements‘ surface.
  • Low purchase costs !
  • In times of increasing competition, constantly rising labour costs, higher absence rates and the pressure to meet deadlines, forward thinking employers are now opting for long term measures to save on time, cost and energy.
    Concrete Step Handles TSZ-uni
    In only one working process heavy concrete elements can be gripped, transported and set quickly and easily.
    The TSZ-uni is constructed extremely strong. In addition a superior quality guarantees highest working security and a long lasting capacity and durability.
    • Easy handling due to low dead weight (only 29 kg/64 lbs).
    • Galvanized finish

    Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products FTZ
    Most suitable for handling of concrete elements, prefabricated concrete wall units, steps, kerb stones and other construction material.
    FTZ-I is predestined for the handling of natural kerb stones, FTZ-uni 15 for Kassel kerb stones. Carrying capacity: FTZ-I up to 900 kg, FTZ-uni up to 1,500 kg, FTZ-40-E and FTZ-40 up to 4,000 kg.

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