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Concrete Batching Plants

Deewan Equipment Trading is the reference company with wide range of  concrete batching plants producing ready mix, block, precast concrete.

We have answers for all client’s needs. Years of experience combined with a strong innovation allow our products to satisfy the market demand.

Semi Mobile
Super Mobile

Concrete Plants

Stationary Batching Plants

Stationary concrete mixing plants designed for ready-mix producers, block, precast factories and special applications. Integrating Sun or Twin Shaft mixers, Multiple models are available with compacted hourly production capacity ranging between 25 up to 360 m3/hr.

Semi Mobile Batching Plants

Eagle is Super Transportable, semi mobile batching and Compact mixing plant Capacity Ranging from 55-180m3/hr with 4-6 horizontal bins, completely pre-wired and pre-plumbed. No heavy foundation required they can be moved from site to site with standard trucks

Super Mobile

Mobile mixing excellence brand new world wide patented, Easy to transport, No foundation required, Quick erection and commissioning. Starting from  (60m3/hr) up to (180m3/hr)

Small Mobile Plant

The Ultimate technology mobile plants for on-site concrete production, One day erection time, no foundation, high productivity. Three models are available with production capacity ranging between 10 up to 50 m3/hour

Tower Plant

The Tower series of vertical batching plants represent the state of the art technology for industrialized concrete production, Tower plant has a modular design and require minimum area of land.

Dry Batching Plants

Batching plants for direct dry load of truck-mixer, composed with modular elements for flexible configurations. Three models are available with hourly production capacity ranging between 45 to 100 m3/hour


Twin Shaft Batch Mixers

The most advanced mixing technology, flexible to any kind of concrete, from wet to zero slump, suitable for aggregates up to 200mm diameter. Eleven models are available with compcted output capacity ranging from 1000 lt. upto 9000 lt concrete output. MSO mixers are available in a wide range, with different capacities from 1 m3 to 9 m3 of concrete output and different versions, suitable for standard WET & SCC concrete RCC concrete, MASS concrete (with large aggregates)

Twin Shaft Continuous Mixers

Twin Shaft Continuous Mixers

Continuous Flow Mixer adopts the twin shaft technology and is especially designed for Zero Slump Concrete and Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC). With special MDC versions, it has proven very useful for pumpable slurries, mine backfill and in applications for treatment of industrial solid waste. The MDC are offered in two models.

Planetary Mixers


Planetary pan type mixers, to be integrated into mixing plants, for precast production and Block Production. Five models are available with output compacted capacity ranging between 300 lt. up to 2000. The mixing flow efficiency is due to the central stars in planetary rotation combined with different peripheral scraping shovel.


The new design of Xentrix planetary mixers has an off-center positioning of the main mixing arms and central charging of cement, water and additives, which makes it a leader in its class ensuring the best possible mixing action. The mixing is highly efficient due to the integrated action of central satellites. A filter unit equipped with a fan minimizes the environmental contamination.

Concrete Recyling


Betonwash is the definitive solution for reclamation of excess concrete and slurry water from cleaning of trucks, pumps, mixer, buckets, etc. Betonwash separates solid materials . diameter from the water through a spiral system, Model BW 1.0 with maximum washout capacity 11 m3/hr and Model BW 2.0 with maximum washout capacity 25m3/hr avaliable.

• Process is started by truck wash out. • Excess concrete is diluted with clean water dosed into the truck drum through the overhead filling pipes.

Water Wash

This machine receives slurry water coming from Betonwash and treats it further till obtaining clean water that can be recycled into the production process BETONWASH can be integrated with a WATERWASH: this machine receives slurry water coming from Betonwash and treats it further till obtaining clean water that can be recycled into the production process.

• Minimize maintenance • Reusable washed out aggregates • 0.2 mm. solid separation • Heavy duty filter press • Crystal clean water result

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