Concrete Block Machines
Innovative Block Machines Solutions That Fits All Budgets

Concrete Block Machines

Whether you are seasoned in the block plants business and an entrepreneur who is just starting, Deewan has the right block machine for you. 

Deewan Equipment Trading offers complete concrete block machines solutions. Our long experience in the field, and our partnership Poyatos, a Spanish manufacturer specialized in manufacturing block machines from 1975 allow us to offer:

  • Deep understanding of local market needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Design and suggest the best solution that fits your budget and site layout.  
  • Wide range of block machines with 14 different model, allows customers to select the best fit for their needs.
  • Design and manufacture under our own patents concrete products lines.
  • Block making machines, with theoretical capacity ranging from 800 to 5,400 blocks / hour.
  • Best after-sales, spare parts and added value services in middle east region.

Check out our advanced, robust and high-quality low maintenance Full-Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Egg Laying Machines and Other Related Products   

Mega block
Insulation Block
Steel Pallets

Stationery Full Automatic

Mega Bloc

Highest Production Capacity

High-speed, high productivity and easy to operate block machine

  • Average production capacity 4500 pcs/hour blocks 20X20X40 (8”)
  • 330 Sq. meter/hour Interlocks
  •  Download Documents of Mega Bloc

Nova Bloc

Energy efficient and Low Operating Cost

Perfectly engineered to reduce cycle-time and low energy consumption

  • Average production capacity of 1800-3900 pcs/hour blocks 20X20X40 (8”)
  •  Download Documents of Nova Bloc

Most Feasible Machine with Minimal Number of Operators 

Fully-Automatic, computerized, easy to operate and very reliable machine for high production volume 

  • Average production capacity 2000 pcs/hour blocks 20X20X40 (8”)
  • 180 sqm./hour Interlocks
  •  Download Documents of Universal Bloc

Stationery Semi Automatic

Syncro Block

Minimum Maintenance and Good Production Capacity

Strong and easy to operate fixed and automatic block making machine

  • Average production capacity 2000 pcs/hr blocks 20X20X40 (8”)
  • 180 sqm./hour Interlocks
  • Download Documents of Syncro Block​
Prima Block

Prima Block

Prima Perfect for Startups

Economical and Requires minimal electrical installation

  • Average production capacity 1800 pcs/hr blocks 20X20X40 (8”)
  • 64-72 sqm./hour Interlocks
  • Download Documents of Prima Bloc

Egg Laying Machine

Block Making Machine

  • Hollow and ceiling Blocks
  • Light Weight Blocks
  • Solid Blocks

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