Ensures the highest possible dosing accuracy

Automation System for Batching Plants

Deewan equipment trading with our Austrian partner Dorner Electronic offers multiple software solutions for batch plant control. Batch control software are an essential tool to grantee efficiency of your batch plant. Take full control of your batch plant and don’t allow any disruption to the production by using the solution we are offering, it can drastically improve the efficiency of your plant and reduce waste, as it has many features:

  • Highly reliable control solution
  • Designed and built using years of experience in the industry
  • Perfected over the years to make significant improvement in punctuality, information flow.
  • System offers many advanced function in Mixing, Loading, Troubleshooting, Batch Tracking and Weighing.
  • Friendly user interface
  • Local support by our experienced team
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Dorner Optimize
Dorner Batch
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Batch Control Software


Dorner Batch

Suitable for controlling one batch plant. 

DornerBatch has been developed and optimized for ready-mix concrete plants and precast plants with a high level of standardization. You will be able to access all the necessary information quickly and easily, it offers many features such as:

  • Established, reliable control solution that will become the corner stone of your concrete plant.
  • DornerBatch ensures the highest possible dosing accuracy.
  • Ease of use and the best possible system reliability.
  • The “additional water on site” can optionally be calculated automatically and printed on the delivery note.
  • “UFI code”, “cement type”, “application” and “field of ​​application can be printed on the delivery note.
  • Visually appealing, user-friendly cockpit.

And may more features. 

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Dorner Control

Designed to control more than one batch plant in the same or different locations

The DornerControl software is based on established technology and has been proven over many years, it is a proven control software open for customization to overcome limitations of standard software, it offers many features like:

  • DornerControl permits the efficient, reliable processing of production sequences in concrete plants.
  • DornerControl was developed as a control software application for individual solutions in ready-mix concrete plants and precast plants.
  • Allows individually customizable display of data shows all relevant production factors clear

And may more features… 

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Dorner Optimize

Designed to optimize the full operation end-to-end and manage the fleet, batch plant and concrete pumps.

Give your batch plant the efficiency it needs to respond to increasing demand and short-notice orders. DornerOptimize is a central dispatching system where all the elements in concrete plants come together.  

  • Designed to make a significant improvement in punctuality and significant improvement in the information flow fewer incorrect deliveries.
  • DornerOptimize is optimized for efficient interaction with the control software DornerBatch, DornerControl as well as Dorner weighbridges.
  • All common control systems from other manufacturers are also supported.

And may more features.

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