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Handling machines that helps you get the job done

Save Money by Reducing Labor Cost with Handling Machines

Since the year 2000, Deewan continued to make the work more economic for everyone who works with concrete products. We offer variety of tools and machines from our German partner Probst.

Deewan handling solutions make hard work much easier and more efficient in addition to many advantages:  

  • Save money on labor cost.
  • Better handling will significantly reduce damages to the material
  • Make hard work on sites faster and easier
  • Make the work more efficient, productive and safer
  • Deewan offers complete service form guiding the customer to the right product, staff training and technical support.
  • Deewan offers experienced service and spare parts for the entire product lifecycle

Check out our range of site and plant products that covers all handling needs for road construction, civil engineering, landscape gardening, paver laying and much more.

Vaccum Handling
InterLock Laying Machines
Laying Machines with Vaccum
Vacuum Hose Lifter

Site Equipment

Interlock Laying System

Interlock Laying Machine (Paver Laying Machine)

  • Probs paver laying machines offers simple handling, user friendly, efficient and first class performance.
  • Laying clamp with automatic pushing of device guarantee for exact joint width to comply with standards
  • Highest gripping security, ensure firm grip for wide patterns range (watch video)
  • The same machine can be used for kerb laying, sand sweeping and vacuum laying

Screeding Machines

Energy efficient and Low Operating Cost

Perfectly engineered to reduce cycle-time and low energy consumption

  • Average production capacity of 1800-3900 pcs/hour blocks 20X20X40 (8”)
  • Our Paver Jointing Device is easy, flexible, quick and thus cost-saving filling of paver joints for small and medium sized areas. Filling material can be filled in both dry or by adding water. the machine width is up to 1.17m width.
  • Also check the Sweeping Broom for efficient sand sweeping after the laying of block pavers. Fastest filling of the joints by innovative system of brush-arrangement.

Vacuum Handling Equipment

Vacuum technology provides substantial benefits in handling and installation of building materials. This applies to In-Plant Handling as well as to installation of material on site. Ask our sale engineer for guidance on the right machine for your site requirements depending on the density and material surface type. 

Benefits are:  

  • Installation without joints
  • No edge cracks and chipping.
  • Higher laying quality; easy removal and readjustment.
  • Our handling machines can lift material from 50 Kg all the way 1000 Kg.
  • Our engineers can help you select the right machine depending on the material characteristics, be it dense products (such as granite or high quality concrete elements) or porous slabs and stone


Comes in different models:

  • One-man operation for lightweight dense slabs and short transportation distance (max 50Kg)
  • Flexible and powerful hand operated laying device for dense products, such as granite or high quality concrete elements (max 150Kg)

The powerful single phase powered vacuum turbine also allows the quick and safe handling of dense and very porous material as well as material with exposed aggregate surface. (max 200Kg)

UNIMOBIL Laying Dolly

  • comes in different models:

    • Equipped with inverter generator. The UNIMOBIL UM-VS-140 is the perfect Vacuum Laying system for porous slabs and stone. (max 150Kg)
    • Equipped with battery driven STONEMAGNET SM-600. The UNIMOBIL UM-SM is the perfect Vacuum Laying system for slightly porous slabs and stone. (max 150 Kg)
Vacuum Lifting Device

Vacuum Lifting Device

Handy and powerful

  • Cordless vacuum lifting device for laying of dense stone slabs, concrete elements, pipes and similar. Can be used with all kinds of lifting equipment.
  • For efficient and safe handling even of very porous products.

For efficient and safe handling and laying of heavy loads up to 1,000 kg, the machine comes in three models, hydraulic, electrical and Petrol Engine

Mechanical Handling & Laying Equipment

We offer a wide range of handling machines that can serve many purposes, such as:

  • Kerbstones, edging stones, gutters and similar.
  • Border stones, slabs and block steps.
  • Pipes, manhole and cone chain.
  • Transporting and installing manhole rings and cones.
  • All gardening and landscaping-design products.

capacity varies depending on model, ask our sales engineers for assistance in selecting the right machine that handling suites your needs 

Kerb Stone Handles

  • For the handling of kerb stones, edging stones, gutters and similar. The plumb line remains completely free through a short intervening. We recommend, using the kerb stone handles in pairs (max 150 Kg)

Universal Handle

  • A large adjustable opening range means the BVZ can be universally used for all gardening and landscaping-design products. (max 200 Kg)

Laying Clamp

  • Especially suitable for handling concrete kerb stones. equipped with a lifting eye. (max 100 Kg)

Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products

  • Mechanical grab. Appropriate clamp configurations for versatile applications from a modular construction system. With carrying capacity from 900 Kg up to 5 Tons

Pipe Lifting Grap

  • The clamping force of the claws is maintained fully in all cases, even if the carrier is operated incorrectly.

Manhole and Cone Chain Clamp

  • For transporting and installing manhole rings and cones.

Plant Handling Equipment

Forklift Grab (STAZ-UNI) without rotator

  • Low maintenance specially designed for heavy duty work with fork lift trucks required only one (1) hydraulic circuit.

Forklift Grab (STAZ-UNI) with rotator

  • Low maintenance specially designed for heavy duty work with fork lift trucks required only one (1) hydraulic circuit.

Four-way Forklift Grab (STAZ-S4)

  • Specially designed for the safe gripping of un-strapped and un-compressed stacks of multilayer production. It’s required two (2) hydraulic circuits.

    Including pressure plates for compressing stacks of paving blocks (to remove any gaps between the blocks).

Forklift Double Grab (STAZ-UNI)

  • Consisting of two single clamps connected by a spreader bar, suitable for lifting 2 stacks at the same time if they are stacked longitudinally on the conveyor belt.

Block Loading Grabs AKZ with a Fixed Height

  • Specially designed for use with truck loading cranes. For the transportation of palletized and un-palletized packs of blocks.

Pneumatic Cubing Clamp ATZ-P

  • Universally suitable for destacking or restacking of one or two layers of paving blocks at a time. Mostly applied in conjunction with sandblasting machines. Including vertical guide SRF

Manhole Ring Clamp RK-I/-II/-III

Suitable for manhole rings due to its extra-deep claws and rubber supports. Adjusted to the dimensions of the manhole ring by bolts. As only the side wall is gripped, no radial pressure is exerted.

Turning Device for Concrete Pipes UG

  • Makes the handling of concrete pipes after production far more efficient, due to large surfaced pressure pads, little pressure is exerted onto the pipe, meaning that green products can be safely handled.

VACUSPEED VXS Vacuum-Hose-Lifter

  • The VACUSPEED VXS vacuum hose lifter ensures best ease of working combined with highest productivity when handling pavers, slabs etc. Ideal for quality control work! For connecting vacuum pump unit to the lifting unit.

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