Replacing Curing Chamber without Stopping Block Factory Production

Client Name:  Major Block Factory in UAE

Location:  United Arab Emirates.

About the project

Another success story! Thanks to our professional team, we managed to replace the corroded curing chamber with only one day of down time. The challenge was to change the block factory’s old curing chamber with minimal impact on the factory operation.

Thanks to our curing racks galvanization technique, we guarantee the longest period of warranty for curing chambers in the market. The post-fabrication, hot deep galvanizing process we use ensures that all sections of structure are protected from rust and corrosion. Click here to read more about our curing chamber advanced features.  

Apparently, not all Curing Chambers are as good as the ones we supply, we have been approached by a major block factory in the UAE facing a big dilemma, how can the block factory’s curing chamber be changed without stopping production? We had the answer our client wanted to hear.  

Within two weeks only, the new chamber was up and running and the factory got back to full capacity, during these two weeks the production only stopped for one day to switch to the new curing chamber. 

Fully Automatic Block Factory Project in Yanbu – Saudi Arabia

Client Name:  K.Mix

Location:  Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

About the project

Another success story by Deewan Equipment Trading. Thanks to our long experience in the field and committed team, we were able to deliver this fully automatic block making project in record time and with the highest quality and production capacity. Our effort and dedication was much appreciated by the client, who had shared with us a special trophy as a gesture of appreciation. 

The factory is designed to meet the requirements of Yanbu Royal Commission, that demands the highest quality standards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are always proud to be a contributor and a partner to the prosperity of the region. 

Sharjah Airport Apron – Interlock and Kerbstone Layout

Client Name:  Sharjah Airport.

Location:  Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

About the project

40,000m² of interlock laying and 4000 m² of Kerbstone laying for the Sharjah airport apron, using our Interlock Laying Machine with significant savings on labour cost, and on-time delivery.

For manual interlock laying, every 500 m²  -700 m² the contractor will normally need around 23 labour. Using Deewan’s laying and handling machines reduced the number of labour needed to 3 labour only resulting in better accuracy, less waste and significant saving.

Batching Plants Automation System

Client Name:  GRM

Location:  Dubai, UAE

About the project

One more successful story added to Deewan’s history, fully batching plants automation system controlling all operation for GRM Ready-mix in Dubai and synchronized with enterprise resource planning (ERP)

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