Spare parts for concrete batching Plants and Equipment

We supply a vast range of batching plants and equipment spare parts. Deewan Equipment trading has come to stand for innovation in Bulk Solids Handling technology and equipment tailored for a number of applications in various industries. Deewan Equipment plays a worldwide leading role in supplying Rotary Feeders, Diverter Valves, Pinch Valves and Pipe Elbows

Silo Safety Components

Pressure Relief Valves

Spring-Loaded Pressure Relief Valves consist of a cylindrical casing with clamped weld-on spigot, a disc shape inner steel lid for negative pressure operation held in position by a central spring rod, an outside steel ring for excess pressure kept in position by three spring rods, gaskets, and a weather protection cover.

Pressure Gauge

The IPE / IPM Pressure Gauges Offer A Reliable And Economical Solution To Pressure Control For Preventing Over-Filling And Over-Pressurizing A Silo

ILT-type Bin Level Indicators have been designed for electric signalling by rotary action of minimum or maximum material level inside bins, hoppers or silos.

Screw Conveyors & Feeders

Trough Screw Conveyors

The modular Trough Screw Conveyor system is highly versatile offering numerous solutions for conveying powdery or granular materials. Screw Conveyors are manufactured from carbon steel with a suitable surface finishing.

Cement Screw Feeders

As a customized version of the modular TU Screw Conveyor System, Cement Screw Conveyors are manufactured in carbon steel with a suitable surface finishing.

Micro-Batch Feeders

As a customized version of the modular TU Screw Conveyor System, Micro-Batch Feeders are used for more precise fine dosing of materials.

Tubular Screw Conveyors

The modular Tubular Screw Conveyor system is highly versatile offering numerous solutions for conveying powdery or granular materials.

Vertical Screw Conveyors

The Vertical Screw Lift System consists of a Horizontal Screw Feeder and a Vertical Screw Conveyor.


The DUSTFIX Dust Conditioner consists of a carbon steel tubular housing with SINT engineering polymer liner

Loading Bellows


Loading Bellows are used for efficient, dust-controlled loading of dry, dusty bulk solids into tankers.


Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves consist of two high-pressure die-cast semi-bodies manufactured from aluminium alloy

Mild - Steel Butterfly Valves

The Silo Discharge Butterfly Valve is made from a single piece fabricated carbon steel body lined with polymer composite SINT

Rotary valves

RV/RVR Rotary Valves are the ideal solution for controlled discharging and feeding of powdery or granular materials from silos.

Vibrators & Flow Aids

Vibrating Bin Activators

The Vibrating Bin Aerator develops combined aeration / vibration which favours in a particularly efficient way material flow from silos or hoppers containing powders or granules of various kinds.

External Vibrators

External Vibrators are used to increase materials discharge from hoppers and silos. These vibrators are also used to compact concrete while casting in moulds, quantity and type of vibrators are decided based on forms shape and concrete type.

Concrete Poker Vibrators

We supply High Frequency Concrete Vibrators (Pokers) and Converters in a variety of models and options for compaction of fresh concrete on building sites.

Pneumatic Hammers and Blasters

The PJ-type PICJET Combined Hammer Blast adds to the mechanical action of the PS-type MARTSHOCK Hammer (see relevant page) a compressed air jet expanding across the surrounding wall surface to create the hammering action.

Fluidising Nozzels and Pads

U025 and U060 Aeration Nozzles can be easily fitted on bins or silos from outside which makes them particularly suitable for retrofitting or in cases where the inside of a bin or silo cannot be accessed.

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